POC Laguna Seca 2017

Sunday Orange Races

POC Cup Racing Clinic March 14 – March 15

Spring Mountain Motorsports Park.

Here is a Video of the Cup Racing Starts we were practicing on Sunday.

POC WSIR Big Willow Cup Race 1 and 2 2015


Precision Motion Media from POC races Laguna Seca 2014

Thanks to CDVIDEOWEB.com

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October 26th 2013

POC Time Trials Auto club Speedway infield.

Precision Motion Team had 7 cars ranging from a 996 modified, stock 996 4s, to a Cayman S and several Boxster Spec BSR, take part in this POC time trials event. Big Thank You to the Precision Motion Team, Drivers, Family and Friends that attended this event.






August  24th and 25th
Auto Club Speedway
POC Time Trials and Cup Races




Laguna Seca 2013

Willow Springs 2008

Laguna Seca 2007