In 1968, Karl “Big Don” Kravig, who owned a marine repair business at the time, became a Charter member of the Porsche Club of America, Riverside Region. As he became more involved in the Porsche lifestyle, he began to sign up for PCA track events and spent much of his time prepping his Porsches for the track.

By 1970, the Riverside PCA region was on pole and winning every Zone 8 event. In 1972, Big Don sold the marine business and began focusing solely on Porsches, opening Kravig Race Engineering a year later in 1973. His son, “Little Don,” joined him at the new business. The original location was in the La Sierra district of Riverside, and the shop operated with only one lift.

Eight years later, the business moved to Walker Evans’ old race shop on Magnolia Avenue. Big Don and company now had five lifts to work on. In 1984, they merged with Precision Motion and moved to downtown Riverside to a new location on University Avenue with five lifts, which greatly increased the amount of work they could take in at one time. One year after, Precision Motion Kravig Engineering expanded again and moved into a commercial building that had six lift bays. They remained there until 1993, until they moved yet again to a shop off of Columbia Avenue, hoping that the better location would increase business.

After the passing of Big Don in 2001, Little Don took over the business, and shortly thereafter his eldest son, Kris, joined the business. In 2006, the business expanded again, moving to a new location on Chicago Avenue in Riverside that had seven lift bays. As business expanded, Don and company moved one final time to La Crosse Avenue in Colton, in the largest location to date: a 11,000 square foot shop with nine lift bays. In 2014, Don’s youngest son, Nik, came aboard as the office manager, making Precision Motion a multi-generational family